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Jewelry Cabochons

Some Jewelry Cabochons can be Collector Stones

Jewelry Stones or Collector Stones

Some customers have purchased items from this page as a “collector’s item” just because they liked their looks. That is OK but most of these can be fashioned into a piece of jewelry. It is OK though to just keep a pretty one in your pocket or purse for company. They won’t mind your company.

Why Hurry?

Don’t be in a hurry looking at the items on this page and if certain ones seem to be of interest to you, take note of it so you can come back to it so it isn’t “lost” among the other pretty stones.

Thanks for taking your time and it is OK to thank the LORD for making all these stones just so we can enjoy looking at them even if it is hard to decide which ones to order.

“Maybe just one more” Thank you. Larry

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