A Happy and Blessed New Year to all of you.

I have enjoyed the last fifteen years using my website: jewelrycabs.com. I have met many people through it and I have become familiar with many names so this is a sad time in my life. I will be taking down and closing my website at the end of February. The last two years have been hard for many craft businesses and hobbyists. Many have struggled to stay afloat but many have had other financial demands more pressing than having a few more pretty rocks to play with or work with.

God leads in his own way and each person needs to see what and how God is leading in their life. For me at 84 years of age, God is leading me away from using this website to offer the rocks I have collected and worked on – that is cut and polished.

That does not mean I don’t have any rocks left for sale. It only means I will be using other means to sell what I still have to sell.