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Jewelry Grade Lapidary Slabs

Thin Lapidary Slabs

These slabs are meant to be used for making stones for jewelry work but your creative nature will guide you in the use of those you purchase. I wonder if any have ever gone into a child’s small aquarium as rock slabs. (They are safe.)

It does take me time to label each piece so you will notice that their information is short. That does make it quicker to get to the next one. Take notes of any you will want to come back to for another look before deciding which ones for sure.

How Many Pretty Slabs This Time?

I maybe shouldn’t use this next line as a “selling tool” but you know “a person can never have too many pretty slabs.”

Don’t hurry

Take your time and remember: “jot down the possible ones.” If you don’t “Thank the Lord” for all the variety of rocks he has made you will “Thank you Lord I have come to the end of this page.

One other thing not listed here: I have some preforms of certain rocks available.

If you do not have a trim saw and need your lapidary rocks already trimmed to a certain size stone like 30×40 or 22×30 contact me as I have more slab material already cut to different sizes ready to be ground and polished. No trim sawing needed. Contact me as these are not currently on this web site.

Thanks Larry E. Whittington

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