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Miscellaneous Gems

Mostly One of a Kind

From the name of this page you may find no two of the same kind placed next to each other. Some are tumble polished stone while others are natural as found. It is your choice of what you do with these pieces whether for a collection, for craft work or jewelry work. They might even be for a gift to family member or friend or to put it in your sock drawer to bring back that nagging question: “Now, why did I order this stone?” Remember, it surely had a purpose on your mind at one time. Remember, “God never created or made anything without a purpose.”

Some of My Best

Pretty rocks but unusual in quality. These are the ones I liked so I put them on my website. At 83 I don’t really have any reason for keeping them. Some one else should be able to enjoy having them and using them for their creative purposes. I may even have some in bulk lots by the pound if you were interested in just the “mine run” rocks.

Enjoy looking. Larry E. Whittington

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