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Tumble Polished Slabs

Tumble polished slabs for you.

To those who may just be starting out with tumbling stones, enjoy the process. Slabs will tumble nicely when given enough room to tumble therefore I have some directions on my tumbling information page.

Questions and a few answers:

I use 12 pound tumbling barrels and also a 40 pound barrel. These sizes, therefore, gives the slabs enough room to tumble. Some have asked this question: “Do the slabs break in a tumbler?” The answer is, of course, “Yes. A slab that already has a crack in it may continue and break”. But it might be a good thing because now you have two pieces.

When I have a load of tumbled polished slabs just out of the polish, I will let them air dry and then sort them. Some will go to a page like this. Others that are not so good are divided up by size and placed in containers. These are good for selling by the pound or for you own use of smaller – not perfect slab. The small pieces (or less pretty) are saved. When I have enough, I can put them here for sale in either 1/2 pound lots or 1 pound lots and prices will vary.

These are my better tumble polished slabs:

But these are my better polished slabs that are for sale here.

Finally, take a look and enjoy.

Thanks. Larry E. Whittington

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