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My Jewelry Stones

You will find several of my categories for stones I cut and polish.

God has gifted us with our own gifts and our own talents. He expects us to use to the fullest our talents and gifts. What does this mean? Does it mean that our jewelry will look exactly like some other craft person’s items who is making similar jewelry? NO. God has not made two people alike yet so our items we produce will not be like any others that we look at. In the beginning while we are learning, we will make our jewelry to look like others we have seen but God does not expect us to keep making the same looking pieces or the same quality of pieces. God expects us to practice and learn how to put the stones and metals together for their best fashion.

The artistic part of a jewelry maker will view each stone as a masterpiece waiting to be assembled. In its finished state it may not even resemble the last five pieces you have worked up. The stone may have its own quality of shape, color, size and over-all loveliness that it belongs in a separate box with creative thoughts imagining its future. The correct vision for this stone may come to you upon your pillow in the middle of the night. Remember, artists are dreamers.

Choose your stones carefully with an “eye” towards seeing what you can make of it. Then make it to be a special gift for that special person who would say; “Thank you God for making this rock just for me”.

Youngite Agate
Here is a nice example of Youngite from Wyoming. This is an example of my work.
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