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Tumble Polished Slabs

To those who may just be starting out with tumbling stones, “slabs will tumble nicely where given enough room to tumble. I have some directions on my tumbling information page.

I use 12 pound tumbling barrels and also a 40 pound barrel. This gives the slabs enough room to tumble. Some have asked this question: “Do the slabs break in a tumbler?” The answer is: “Yes, a slab that already has a crack in it may continue and break”. But it might be a good thing. You now have two pieces.

When I have a load of tumbled polished slabs just out of the polish, I will let them air dry and then sort them. Some will go to a page like this. Others not so good are divided up by size and placed in containers. The small pieces (or less pretty) are saved. When I have enough, I can put them here for sale in either 1/2 pound lots or 1 pound lots and prices will vary. But these are my good polished slabs that are for sale. Take a look and enjoy. Thanks. Larry

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